Two years ago, while suffering from serious illness and wondering what to do, I saw a meme on social media describing ways of reducing your plastic footprint; (seems like a good idea to me!).

“Use a bamboo toothbrush” it said! Back then they weren’t so easy to get hold of though, so I ordered a batch of them from Asia, and listed a few on ebay in case anyone else had had the same inspiration.

A lot of people, as it turned out, also wanted bamboo toothbrushes, and before I knew it I was ordering them in scores and looking to see what else might help save the planet that I could add to my inventory.

Next came washing-up doodads to replace the awful green plastic sponges. Then soaps, travel mugs, shampoo bars and water bottles, recycled things and cruelty free things, ethical stuff and fair-trade a must, bamboo bits and bobs and straws, straws galore!

Now I have a shop from where my wares are sold, and where refills happen so single-use plastic can get old. I’m proud that all my stock is ethical and cruelty free, environment friendly, and at least as good value for money and as functional as more mainstream products.

We’ll be open when you visit, obviously!

Come visit us in the beautiful and interesting Market Hall building in Carlisle near the Lake District and Hadrian’s Wall, or order from us and we’ll post your goodies to you.