Conditioner bar – Friendly Lavender & Tea-tree


Lavender & tea-tree for clean scalps. Plastic and cruelty free.

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Ditch the plastic bottle with these awesome conditioner bars made in Yorkshire by Friendly soap – one of their great haircare products. This conditioner will feed and moisturise the hair, rather than coat it. One of the first conditioner bars on the market, and still the best. With tea-tree for cleansing. These versatile bars can be added to hot water to create a liquid conditioner, so if you should prefer to refill your old bottle, this bar is for you.


Directions for use: we recommend gently rubbing the bar over damp hair after washing, then gently massage through to your scalp with your fingertips.


Friendly soaps are all vegan, and free from nasties like sulphates, parabens, and plastic packaging. To make your soap bar last longer, allow it to drain well between uses, with a soap dish, stand, or even just a bottletop.


Any company which tells you their conditioner adds life to your hair needs to be treated with caution. Hair is made from dead cells. To keep hair in its best condition, allow it to absorb great quality oils.



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